Mission Statement

A website by concerned Santa Clara citizens trying to shed some light on city politics in a hope that the will of the people - democracy - will occur, as opposed to the desires of outsiders (like high density developers or the San Francisco 49ers owner) or the personal agendas of politicians and bureaucrats. The quality of life of residents of Santa Clara and surrounding cities is under challenge from the greed and personal agendas of the Santa Clara politicians and the special interests and money of real estate developers and CEOs and their lobby groups such as the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. In addition, protection is needed for the citizens from the lobby groups of the governments themselves, such as the Association of Bay Area Governments, who's group think is that more and more people into a finite area is the proper course of action since it increases their bureaucracies.

And sadly, citizens now need protection from environmentalists, a very well-meaning group who have unfortunately joined with the developers and politicians in advocating high-density development and the resulting crowding and congestion and cost to existing residents (New York City is the densest part of the country and it is likely the only city in the country with both a city income tax and a city sales tax) that it brings. Lacking the courage or potency to take a stand against immigration or large families (while still quietly advocating a stable population) environmentalists have decided that directing population growth into already over-developed areas is the best thing for the environment. They are claiming to make the brownest thing in modern society - population growth - green by concentrating it. Concentrating it so far away from farms that the solid sewage waste from Santa Clara county's sewage treatment plant, while said to be pure enough to be used as fertilizer, is sent to nearby landfills. There is no environmental issue that isn't made worse by population growth and yet environmentalists - for the most part - while acknowledging it is a problem will not take a stand against what causes it and end up implicitly or explicitly supporting it.

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