Silicon Valley Leadership Group - formed by CEOs to subvert Democracy where They don't live

While they live cocooned in rich enclaves in the surrounding hills, the CEOs of Silicon Valley have formed a lobby group to subvert democracy in the valley. Although their communities are low-density and no-growth such as Los Altos Hills, Atherton, Portola Valley and Woodside , they have their lobby group entice, cajole and funnel money to Silicon Valley politicians to act in the interest of the CEOs rather than act as democratic representatives of the people of their communities. Their simple request - overcrowd the already crowded cities with more high density development. Developments that neither they, the politicians that approve them, or the developers who build them, will ever even consider living in. Developments that the people of Silicon Valley don't want them to build. In fact, the people of Silicon Valley and the rest of America are so against the overcrowding that already exists, that there is an unprecedented out-migration, despite a climate and geography superior to the rest of the country.