Joe Kornder

Joe Kornder Joe Kornder is retired. He was formerly a teacher and school administrator. Joe Kornder is a member of the Stadium Five, but he did disagree with the Stadium Five on whether or not they should change the wording of the San Francisco 49ers stadium ballot question to appease the San Francisco 49ers and their front group.

Joe took some time on February 14, 2007 to subvert democracy by letting rich people and developers who don't live in Santa Clara tell him he needs to do what they want - build more high density housing.

Joe Kornder on massive 900 Kiely Boulevard project

On 8/18/2009 Joe Kornder gave his justifications for approving the massive 900 Kiely Boulevard high density development (note that he never says that it is what the people of Santa Clara want - he was not governing from a democratic standpoint - but from a Kleptocratic or Aristocratic one):

Thank you madam mayor. Infill projects are usually and understandably unpopular. That's no surprise, No surprise. They always are. But unfortunately at this point in Santa Clara's history are (sic) growth options are limited. And infill, at this point in our history ,one of them, must be a key option for handling growth. At our last council meeting we challenged the applicant to deal with issues of density open space and parking, the concerns that were expressed by the residents and by the council members He's come back with some changes that address those issues. Not to the level that some of you or some of us or some of you would want. But he has nevertheless addressed them. And at some cost I think to the project some cost to his recovery from the project. So that we now have uh reduction, we're hearing 5% in density, uh there is an additional open space and uh and parkland opportunity, parking has been taken care of. And there are other things that have been added as amenities and so on. Mr. Langston spoke to us and indicated that he felt that there was no power among the residents, uhm, I think if you have been here regularly and heard these discussions and watched us in action you will agree that There is significant power coming from the residents of Santa Clara. This staff and this council listen to people. Unfortunately we can't give what we shouldn't give or we feel we shouldn't give. So we won't be doing what you would want us to do perhaps tonight. But we do listen. And there is great power in what you have to say. There is great power in your consistently and courteously explaining and reminding and coming to the council and to the developer. So I congratulate you on that. And whatever occurs the final outcome, the shape of this project if it is approved will be in large part due to what you have expressed. And finally I just want to make a comment about schools.Cuz I have some experience in the school district in this city. And I know at one point, uh, when I first started teaching the school district population was in the neighborhood of 23,000 students today it's in the neighborhood of 13 and a half or 14 thousand students. Our school system has been able over the years to accommodate those dramatic and drastic changes. Reductions and and growth by building, by moving students, by doing what they had to do. This school district will be able to handle the additional students. We were not able to hang on to all of the buildings when we dropped from 23,000 to 14,000 Some of the buildings were closed.and are now other things. Some of the schools But there are remaining schools that are available. And I know the school district is heavily planning and heavily discussing what options there are for them. And I can't speak for the district but I'm sure the district would say to you we'll do our very best and we will accomodate the students that come through out doors. They've done that for all time that they've been in existence. I too am saddened that we have to make a decision like this that's gonna be very unpopular but I will be supporting the recommendations of staff too.