Jennifer_Sparacino Santa Clara

Santa Clara City Manager - Jennifer Sparacino

Jennifer Sparacino became the city of Santa Clara deputy manager in 1983 and the city manager in 1987. As reported by the San Jose Mercury News, Sparacino's 2008 total pay from the City of Santa Clara was $251,054.00. Unfortunately for the citizens of the city, in order to protect her access to this enormous yearly stipend, Ms. Sparacino has chosen to do the bidding of the Santa Clara politicians, even when her own people present evidence that the politicians are doing things to harm the city. For instance, when presented with a report by the city staff that the 49ers football stadium would cost the city General Fund 67 million dollars (in present dollars - the actual figure will be higher due to inflation), Sparacino ignored the negative ramifications and gave her approval to the stadium that the Stadium Five of the City Council had been pushing so hard for. A sad testament to how greed can shove ethical behavior out the door.

Executive Director - Santa Clara Stadium Authority

The pseudo-entity formed to give the city legal protection in the case of default with respect to the Santa Clara San Francisco 49ers stadium is called the Santa Clara Stadium Authority. As exists as a branch of the city only for legal reasons, the same people who are involved in running the City of Santa Clara are involved with the Stadium Authority. In her dealings with matters related to the Stadium Authority, Jennifer Sparacino has the title of Executive Director.